Benefits of ITDA/IHMP Membership

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ITDA - International Technical Diving Agency and IHMP First Aid and Medical Training plus the ITDA Academy are offering many unique benefits and opportunities to both diving professionals, divers, first aiders and for our students / prospective members...


Benefits of Taking ITDA Trainingdiver (review)


Anyone taking or considering to take a scuba diving experience program (Day Courses or Try outs) or take a full certification like our "Open Water Diver" program... Maybe very interested to know that our training and certification training programs are world class, meeting and exceeding most International standards. See ITDA Standards.  Our safety record is exceptional and with our professionals in 60+ Countries around the world, we can help you find the right training and at the best value for money...  Mail us for more here!

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Benefits of ITDA/IHMP Membership

NEW ITDA Membership system from 2021 to offer enhanced services and benefits to all levels of ITDA / IHMP Training and Certifications

  • FREE Membership of Basic level for 1 year after being certified (paid membership also available with extra benefits)

  • All ITDA/IHMP Certifications are now being loaded into a new database, for a search engine app

  • ITDA/IHMP Certifications are available now as e-certification (Offering the benefit of never losing your card!)

  • Rewards for referrals (If you refer a friend, family or associate) You can receive a voucher for discounts $10 - $50

  • Paid members of ITDA/IHMP may obtain discounts on future training materials and online courses

  • Paid members may also enjoy enhanced services from ITDA/IHMP like access to your training record / edit log etc.

  • Paid membership may start from as little as $6 usd per month subscription for basic diver tier membership

  • ITDA/IHMP Membership levels Free (Basic) - 1. Member (Diver)  2. Professional (any agency)

Additional benefits include:

  • Discounts on ITDA Branded Goods from 10% to 25%

  • Discount and Commissions from our partners in Dive Training / Travel and group discounts

  • For training facilities and training partners we offer packs with pre-set e-certification credits (For example if you where an ITDA Training Partner you would receive at the lowest level 1 Certification Pack (e-cert +materials) to a value of $39 each month... (this is equal to an Open Water Cert) and the partner pays only a subscription of $30 per month...

Benefits for existing divers (All agencies)pool

ITDA offer upgrades and recognition for past training and experience plus, we offer multiple-agency options for professionals who want to train and certify ITDA but do not want to fully cross over to our system or perhaps you teach a national federation or club system you want to continue with... No problem...

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ITDA unique certification process - Link here...

Diver Upgrade Options

  • From any agency "Open Water Scuba Diver", you may upgrade directly to our Rescue Diver level with just 10 open water dives required...
  • From any agency rescue diver level you may upgrade to ITDA Leadership levels with just 30 Open water dives experience as proof we require a log book with stamps or an Instructor referral (Any current Instructor / any agency).
  • Dive Con / Dive Master or Master Diver (Leadership Levels may directly enter our Instructor Training Program with a minimum of 100 Open water dives...

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We also offer professional upgrade course programs as CPD (Continuing Professional Development) from entry level instructor (Any agency) from ITDA Academy online - Restructured for 2022 See our Service Partner Page


Apply here for ITDA multi-agency status... And add ITDA Training to your certifications... Offer your students and divers more...




About ITDA

ITDA International Technical Diving Agency, are the only training and certification agency to offer; International standards in: Sports Scuba/Recreational Diving, Technical and Advanced Specialist, First-Aid and Medical Programs, plus; Occupational and Professional Diving...  Plus much more!  See about ITDA page