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ITDA Professionals give nothing away, all certifications are earned and standards are upheld, across all levels... 
With ITDA Certification you can be sure you have been trained NOT just to International standards but to higher ITDA standards for safety and competence.  Link to Standards

Step 1. Of our Certification Processusb_strap

For your convenience we can now offer these methods to obtain the training materials required by standard for the student or professional candidate.  Each person completing an ITDA Official Diver or IHMP First-Aid Certification, MUST own the training materials for the Certification level to be achieved.

Our International Standards require that all students or professional candidates MUST have official ITDA/IHMP International Training materials in one of the following or multiple formats... 

usbOnce you have registered your training materials pack your Certification will be issued with a rapid FREE (fast-track) .PDF e-cert Card, mailed directly to you or your instructor...

  • Download as e-materials in .PDF e-book, HTML5 As Flipbook or as other requested format
  • Purchase a USB Strap or Materials on a tablet
  • Purchase from your Instructors or Trainer
  • Hard Copy and Loan Materials are also available

Step 2. Begin and Complete the Theory and Practicalacademy Training

Once you have your training materials you can complete the manual or workbook, the ITDA Instructor or ITDA Trainer may offer some short presentations to help you to better and completely understand the material, we can also supply the presentations directly by email or download to you for a small additional cost... 

The in-water training can only commence when you have completed the theory and passed the quiz or exam...  If you are studying online you will need to request  an application for an e-certificate from our HQ Admin. Instructors may in some circumstances combine the learning modules with in-water training directly after... They are also able to be very flexible about helping you to organise your time, around the course program, if your time is limited. Link!

Step 3. Assessment, Evaluation and Quiz/Exam - Certificationdiver Final Process

As our training programs are all modular-based, if you have difficulty with a skill or a section of theory, your instructor may decide to "Move On" to the next section and "Come Back" to it later... The exception to this is with critical skills, (Any Skill where a serious accident or injury could occur) which MUST be completed to the satisfaction of the instructor to 100%... 

Theory Pass rate is 80% and skills development is also to 80% with the exception above of critical skills... assessment ITDA Certifications are earned!

Continuous Process of Assessment and Evaluation

As we operate on a process of continuous assessment and evaluation, your instructor will keep you informed of your progress at each module stage, and will also advise if any remedial training or practice is required to meet ITDA Standards for certification.  In some unique cases the instructor may determine that you may not make the standard and there is a timescale problem...

manualThey can in these circumstances offer a lesser certification or may even restrict your certification to supervised diving until more experience is attained...

About your Personal Safety

This is for your own safety as although diving is a very safe sport and there are very few accidents, if your instructor is in any doubt about you being at risk, then they are obliged to not certify you at the level requested...

ITDA Group HQ will NOT accept complaints about standards issues, unless it is to report a standards violation by an ITDA Professional... process

ITDA *Certification Process Chart

See our Admin Quality Form Link

Reasons to choose ITDA over any other agency...

A lot of our satisfied divers choose ITDA for their certifications based on the following points:

  • Quality and Ease of use of our training materials, offering more study options.
  • The ability to combine study options, and work on-line or off-line, with supervision.
  • Fast admin processing with e-certificates and e-card (secure .PDF) within 48hrs.

*Download the Hi-Res Process Chart Image here (may take a few minutes to load / download as file is quite large... 

Let us NOT also forget the fact that ITDA are the best value for money and offer unique opportunities for future development, plus FREE access for 1 year to our membership system.

ITDA are therefore your best choice for training and certification in Diving or First-Aid, as we can offer much more, plus higher standards with International recognition and acceptance from the diving industry.hyperbaric

ITDA are also the only diver training organisation in the World to offer a complete training package for working divers with qualifications in: Occupational Diving and First-Aid / Hyperbaric training, for divers at work or who want to dive for work...

clubITDA Club System - National and International Certification Programs.

ITDA Cold-Water Diving - Dry-Suit Diving. Specialist Training in Cold-Water Skills, Dry-Suit and Rescue.

Experience Programs - Day Courses (For Limited Time Certifications)

Learn to Scuba Dive - ITDA Open Water DiverCourses for Certified Scuba Divers (Any Agency) - Advanced Diving Programs


ITDA and IHMP, training scuba diving, advanced and technical, training professional divers, from diver to instructor, plus IHMP first-aid and IHMP instructor, plus, our unique divepro opportunity. ITDA Scuba Progress Chart Below...




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ITDA and IHMP, training scuba diving, advanced and technical, training professional divers, from diver to instructor, plus IHMP first-aid and IHMP instructor, plus, our unique divepro opportunity. 

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