Itda Difference!



How are ITDA different?

We Offer More... "More Theory, More Skills, More Training and More Experience"

We offer many very different options for our professionals to add value to ITDA certification programs. For example with our Introduction to scuba programs, student divers even before full certification can add "Entry Level", specialist introduction dives (L1) to their diving experience, like Gas Management and Buoyancy control, marine life interests (Fish ID) and / or navigation, plus "basic UW Photography and UW Video... From Entry Level./ Introduction to Scuba.
Fun dives under professional supervision, giving these student divers a wider range of experiences.  Which will help them to better enjoy the Open Water training experience and marine interaction even more!
ITDA and IHMP, training scuba diving, advanced and technical, training professional divers, from diver to instructor, plus IHMP first-aid and IHMP instructor, plus, our unique divepro opportunity.  See our report on Owler Link here!
  More dive theory,traing

As we educate divers at Open Water Level in basic decompression theory and diving physiology.


  More diving experience,dvr


With the option to add dives and even limited specialist certifications from Entry Level Diving....

With L1. Introduction to basic specialist diving skills with optional certification available. 

  More choices at entry levels,

As we can offer more supervised dives to follow on from the experience dives and can even offer "Basic" certifications in specialist levels which are credited to our "Open Water Scuba Diver" certification or as an Upgrade within 2 years... e-certification is FREE on application...

Learn more here about our L1 Programs.

  More diver Training,resc

With additional skills in self-reliance and self-rescue. Plus, buddy rescue and additional workshop sessions available for Buoyancy and Gas Management and Nitrox etc...

Because we began as a technical diving agency we offer a more technical approach to diver training.

  Higher Training Standards, dvrs

We strongly advise our divers to take more experience dives, before diving unsupervised to develop the confidence to dive without supervision. Minimum is 10 Dives...


  ITDA Believes in the value of Experience,

With additional dives required before progressing to higher levels for example our "Open Water Diver" upgrade to "Advanced Scuba Diver", requires a minimum of 10 Open Water Dives experience and begins with our rescue program as a specialist level.

incorporated in our advanced diver program (at no extra cost!) and is available as an additional certification as "Rescue Diver or Advanced Rescue"... Depending skills assessment level...