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ITDA Marketing Support

show_support ITDA International HQ offer a unique dive show and exhibition service with graphics, background large format printing.

 We also offer a range of promotional branded goods for resale at great margin's / commissions.

We can also offer Pod Casts and Video trailer promotions from our stock or custom made for your specific event, at very good prices for ITDA members...

show2 We can supply to order (given good notice) Shell Scheme systems graphics and posters to your design and size / format and quality specifications.

We need around 4-6 weeks notice to get the product to you! Or if you require only the design and will print it locally, saving you time and money - No Shipping fees etc... In this case we need only 48 to 72 hours.


ITDA Promotional Support


Steve our CEO is available for public speaking events to support ITDA partners.

Offering question and answer Sessions and presentations about ITDA training, Courses and Specialist (Unique) Courses from ITDA. Training Divers, Higher Education in Diving and the Future of Diving...

ITDA HQ staff can also be hired to run workshops and seminars...

Great Gifts for diving family members etc....tee-rear

branded-tee Our unique and exciting "Signature" range of ITDA Scuba Diver, great looking designs for divers from any agency...

In bright vibrant colours and new pastel shades... Get your unique Tee ordered today.... Limited Stocks!

Check out our products with complete original and unique designs ONLY found in our stores... 

We can also print your website or message or logo / custom design as you want it!

Very few agencies can offer this level of service...

Enjoy the ITDA Difference and work with us for your marketing tools at fantastic prices and International shipping and service to anywhere in the world.

Note: Shipping is always at cost and can be quoted in advance... So no surprises!!!     Link to Buy Here online Today - Great Presents

Custom Graphics and Design Services

support_diverITDA can also offer a unique service from our Graphic Design team who can produce multiple formats for differentposter applications.

.JPG / .PNG / .TIFF / .SVG / AI. / .PDF and many more...

We can take your idea and turn it into a customized graphic for your business to help you promote ITDA we can offer a range of services to support you printing large format locally or we can produce at HQ and ship to you via post or courier...

From "FREE" to excellent discounts and low production costs.  

Send your design ideas and what you need to