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This is just a sample page relating to our high growth training partners and is not a comprehensive or fully detailed breakdown of them, you will need to see our ITDA International Training Partners pages and information on a Regional or by Country basis.
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We have no ordinary training partners, we select and work with the best people in our industry who are at the top of their fields.

malaysia ITDA Malaysia choose to work with us..."As ITDA offered us higher standards and lower costs"... ITDA Offers; Multi-Agency, Flexible subscription services and e-certifications etc.

  ITDA Asia and ITDA Asia Pacific taiwan

We have excellent people in Dragon Chang and his great team of ITDA Professionals in Taiwan... Instructor training photo above... Working with ITDA HQ since 2010....  Spearheading our Asian development into China...  Expecting greater things from 2022...   Link to ITDA Taiwan

ITDA Philippines and Micronesiaphilippines

Another great example of ITDA Development has been the recent appointment of Don Carr and his team in the Philippines who are operating as a Divepro partner with a franchise agreement with ITDA HQ. from 2019...  Watch this space for NEWS... Link to ITDA Philippines.

ITDA International "Club System"international

Our "Club System" is unique in the industry as it follows exactly the same high standards and training as our International training and certifications and are therefore on par with both local and International standards developments. The ITDA Club System is ideal for Schools, Colleges, Universities and even Company Social Clubs to set up and form "ITDA Dive Clubs", with a provided constitution / legal framework, plus the admin and marketing support from ITDA HQ...   ITDA International pages Link...

 - Link to About ITDA "Club Diving"

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what some of our PARTNERs

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ITDA Singapore

We have a world class team in Singapore since 2006 offering a full range of ITDA Training.

"ITDA HQ are very supportive"...

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ITDA Malaysia

ITDA has partners in KL and Tioman Island and are still growing in this region.

"Steve has personally supported us"

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ITDA Taiwan

The ITDA Taiwan team is based from Mirage Diving and is growing across Taiwan.

"ITDA Services are fast and professional"

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ITDA Europe

Europe for us includes; Spain (HQ). UK - Slovakia / Poland and ITDA Scandinavia etc.

"ITDA EU offer great materials and training services" 

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