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Welcome to the NEW Dynamic and exciting ITP Instructor Training Program(s) "Scuba-Professional" from ITDA Group International and the International Technical Diving Agency (ITDA) Europe...

Developed to meet the changing and global needs of divers across the world...

Our Open Water Scuba Instructor is dynamic and flexible and most of all an all round true diving professional...  With Skills and dive theory above most agency requirements for this level... And compliant with EU. UK and International Industry, ANSI/EN and ISO standards.

instructorAbout ITDA Scuba OW Instructor Training & Standards

We have designed a new series of exciting and very challenging Instructor training programs (ITP) with more classroom time, more in-water training time and more diving and skills assessments.. From Entry Level Scuba / Club Instructor to Course Director and Assessor programs...

Snorkel Instructor - Scuba / Club Instructor - Specialist Instructor- Scuba Trainer - Trainer Assessor - Course Director - Technical Instructor - Workshops

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How to become an ITDA Scuba OW Instructor?

Do You Qualify to attend an ITDA Group - Instructor Training Program?  or are you interested in becoming a Resort or International Club or Scuba OW Instructor. If you meet the requirements below you can qualify to apply for instructor training at Open Water or Club or Sports Scuba Diving Instructor International Levels:rescue

Do you have more then 2 years diving experience? (Or just 6 months to 1 year for Scuba Club Instructor from working dive master or equal experience)  Scuba Open Water candidates need a minimum 1 year experience and 100+ Dives.

Do you have a desire and willingness to teach others and to share your experiences and your passion for diving?

Do you feel that you could cope with the responsibility and stress?

Have you attained a minimum of Rescue Diver or Dive Master / Dive Con or equal level in your agency system? (Dive Master or Equal for Scuba OW Instructor/ Rescue Diver or equal for Scuba / Club Instructor.)

Do you have over 100+ Dives or more Experience? (minimum required for Club/Scuba Instructor 100 hours bottom time or 75+ dives experience for our Instructor ITP..)itp_asia

Are you at least 18 years old?

Our Unique ITP Scuba OW Instructor package contains:

Are you good at or interested in studying Advanced Dive Theory?

  • History and International Development of ITDA Group International

  • Our Unique Higher Training Standards & ITDA Group International Standards Quiz

  •  HQ Marketing & Training Support plus new Social Media (With Regional Support Presentations)

  •  New Reduced Administration for Instructors (On-line Administration Systems)

  •  New Training Materials plus, Web Support and Apps for Training & Education

  •  Minimum of 6 Classroom PresentationsITP

  •  Minimum of 4 Confined Water Training Sessions

  •  Minimum of 6 Open Water Training Sessions

  •  4 ITDA Specialist Instructor Ratings: Navigation / Wreck / Deep / Nitrox

  •  IHMP/ITDA IHMP First Aid Instructor Rating (Can train and Certify: CPR/BLS - Oxygen First-Aid)

  •  Nitrox Instructor from 32% to 40% (Advanced Nitrox/Ntech Pro is available as an upgrade, +2 days)

Pre-ITP Exam / Quiz Available Online or as a Distance Learning Quiz

This all makes the ITDA Group International ITP, Instructor Training Program the best value for money Instructor training and certification package available! 

divingWhat can an ITDA Scuba Open Water Instructor do?

ITDA Scuba OW Instructors can train, teach and certify after the completion of a successful ITP Instructor Training Program for "Scuba Open Water Instructor Rating"...

This level is equal to many other agencies advanced instructor levels, as you will graduate with 3 Instructor levels "Scuba Open Water Instructor", plus 3 Specialist Instructor Ratings, plus IHMP Instructor and NOW we have added "CPR/BLS Instructor Trainer"...

So you will be able to add value to Dive Leader programs by making them CPR/BLS Instructors...  This adds greater value and income to your portfolio of skills / certifications. You can also on graduating the ITP add other Instructor specialist levels or IHMP AED First-Aid (1/2 Day)... Plus a special upgrade price at the ITP...

ITDA Scuba Open Water Instructors can train, teach and certify:

  • Entry Level Divers Intro to Scuba Diving / Day Courses / Specialist Level 1. (ALL)
  • Scuba Open Water Diver / OW Diver Plus+ and if qualified / experienced also Dry-Suit Divers?
  • Rescue Diver - Advanced Scuba Diver - Specialist Diver (Advanced Rescue, Nitrox, Navigation, Deep Air)
  • Dive Leader - IHMP CPR First Aid to Instructor - Basic Life Support - Oxygen First Aid - Aquatic First Aid

And you may upgrade to Advanced Instructor level (Upgrades are available at the ITP for those candidates with more then the minimum standard experience) and then to Specialist / Advanced Instructor / Assessor. Instructor Trainer after working with 2 ITP Programs and having gained more experience certifying ITDA programs, plus further training and assessments MUST be completed.e-manual

Scuba Instructor Training Guide for ITDA ITP - Instructor Training Program.

e-book manual .PDF or HTML5  just $159 USD On-line price.  We can also offer a version including the ITP Certification and registration at an Advanced payment discount Please email us at admin@diveitda.com    Please NOTE the Fee / Prices include: Instructor Exam and all student materials... If you take the Special membership price offer for the materials, manual etc. you will be offered the Pro and Student materials, including Pro Exam and all registration / certification fees etc. at an even further discount....   Contact us for information admin@diveitda.com

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ITDA and IHMP, training scuba diving, advanced and technical, training professional divers, from diver to instructor, plus IHMP first-aid and IHMP instructor, plus, our unique divepro opportunity.


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ITDA and IHMP, training scuba diving, advanced and technical, training professional divers, from diver to instructor, plus IHMP first-aid and IHMP instructor, plus, our unique divepro opportunity. 

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