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May 2017 ITDA are represented at the MIDE Dive Show, Asian Showcase for the diving community from across Asia.

We had a great show with our new franchise business taking off in Asia with a number of new training partners in: Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand and the Maldives, not to mention running update programs for our existing partners at the show and in Singapore...


BREAKING NEWS from NORWAY with a happy ending to what could have been a fatal diving accident thanks to the quick thinking and calm action from ITDA Advanced Instructor, MR ALEX EDVARDSEN nor

Alex was attending a CCR training course with another diver, who got into difficulties after inhaling water from thier mouthpiece in shallow water, a brief stage of panic occured and Alex brought the diver to the surface and administered oxygen. After some time the diver appeared to relapse and become unresponsive, Alex called for medical assistence and the diver was airlifted to hospital where we understand they have made a full recovery.

The CCR program instructor from IANTD was aware that Alex was an ITDA Instructor and left him to deal with the injured diver, while they looked after another student, who was not in any danger and surfaced safely.

The ITDA Regional Office in Norway has expressed their gratitude and pride in the actions of Alex, that led a possible serious accident situation into a successful recovery and rescue with a positive outcome..steve

ITDA HQ CEO Dr. Stephen J. Craig-Murray also expressed his thanks to Alex and is preparing a certificate of Merit for his quick thing and rapid actions, quoted as saying "Alex did a great job and is known personally to me, he is going to make an excellent trainer in the future".  A special thank you to both Alex and Thorgrim Holte (Regional Manager for ITDA in Norway) for reporting this in a timely and professional manner.