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This Download ITDA page, offers a unique option to download ITDA Products; Sample Training Materials, Marketing Support Materials, Newsletters, logo's and more... We can also support our members and training partners with custom graphic design services which are very low cost or for ITDA associated marketing uses our services can be FREE!   We can also offer a unique service where our members can use our designs to print locally, saving money and time on shipping products... We can offer Web (Low Res imaging 96 and 72 Dpi.) and for printing (Hi-Res from 300 to 1000 Dpi+) for large poster or backgrounds etc.


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Use the headings to choose the product or service you want to download and click on it to open or use the "SAVE AS"  function, right click on your mouse (windows)... To download to your computer. (Make sure you have security on your system and virus check all downloads)...  We can only do so much but it is possible that virus software may use an open link to put malware on your system... We cannot accept any responsibility for this...

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.Jpeg - .PNG - SVG - AI (Adobe) GIF / TIFF + Others are possible...


Warning with Hi Res Downloads as these are by nature very large files and may take some time to download...  We can offer a Drop box service for larger files...  please mail us at:


Top Web Choices, 130x129 (96dpi) which maybe saved from this area by you....

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