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Application for the Registration of Certifications

The registration area component can be used if you need to register your certification with ITDA/IHMP or to sign up for an account.  ITDA/IHMP Professionals can use this link

Diver and IHMP Application for Certification Online (CRA Form)


ITDA/IHMP Membership Renewals

The links component, if included with your package, is pre placed into the top right menu once you are logged in. This list displayed are of links to pages that you have been granted access to.

ITDA/IHMP Renewal Form

 Example Uses

computerAllow members to view information and edit (limited fields - Dive Log updates) for their eyes only. (Confidential Access by password)

Grant access to non-members to create an account, as a sign up tool.  You will receive a confirmation email to say that your account is ready to use. (limited personal information)

Sign up or Sign in to apply for the registration of Certifications from ITDA or IHMP.

Renewal on-line (Renew your ITDA/IHMP Status.

Training Statement Form - Medical Statement

More support in development...

Please advise any ideas to make our support even better! for the future...

 Forms / Applications available links

Online Training forms and New forms development are in production to make our registration process very simple and easier than ever...

ITDA/IHMP first-aid Training and Certification Admin Forms:

Standards / Control Forms


IHMP First Aid and Medical Forms






Search Forms

ITDA and IHMP, training scuba diving, advanced and technical, training professional divers, from diver to instructor, plus IHMP first-aid and IHMP instructor, plus, our unique divepro opportunity.

International Forms (In development - Links are active!)

Forms available in languages other than English:

Forms in espanaSpanish / Español  -  slovakiaSlovakian - polskaPolish - china Mandarin

 benelux Benelux  - norskNorsk/Norway  in development German/Italian/Danish/Bahasa Malay +More!



Access for ITDA/IHMP Professionals

First, decide how you want your students to receive their certifications from ITDA or IHMP - 1. e-Certification is fast and easy with 100% online processing.  2. Physical Card / Wall Certificate

Data protection status. Basic Access to Information about you is limited for our search membership feature. We show only your; "Name-ITDA.IHMP Number/Ref-Certification level and date certified" that is all...

For our Paid membership there are extra benefits. for example;  Members can access their data and edit fields like (Dive Log and Upgrade Status, If you complete more training) and our search engine will include a copy of your e-card with photo-ID.

ITDA/IHMP Have set a number of admin tools for you to use to save time and money. Like our Training Statement (Copy link below) and Medical Form (completed before training), Medical Statement

Learn more here about the benefits of Joining ITDA/IHMP as a paid member with diver levels from just $10.00 USD per month subscription. ITDA/IHMP Benefits