ITDA has partnered with to offer both special pricing for the CosmiQ+ Dive Computer and use their unique social media and dive log-book tools, sharing pics and mapping dive dive sites etc.

cosmiq+Cosmiq+ 30th April 21. Draw. 02.2021 - WIN A $300 Computer...

Yes, that is correct - WIN a Cosmiq Dive Computer... Valued at $300+ USD....For just $5 USD. Stake.... ONLY $5.00

What can you buy for $5?  Not much but you can have the unique opportunity to win a COSMIQ+ Dive Computer...

Enter HERE TODAY - DRAW is 30th April 21 - SOMEONE MUST WIN IT.....   Buy a Ticket here by PayPal... The PayPal receipt ref will be the draw number... DRAWN at Random on the 1st. May 2021... At ITDA HQ... Winner will be notified by email and published here on this page on the 1st.June 2021... BUY NOW! 1 Ticket Only $5.00 USD Bonus Offer x 3 Tickets just $12 SAVE $3 and the best deal - 5 Tickets just $20 USD.  $20 for a $300 Computer!!!

Terms will apply, No ITDA Employees are permitted to enter, 1 prize per person entering, maximum of 10 sales to any one household... No cash equal value will be given. No refunds and no exchanges. Open to divers from any agency or background... Minimum of 40 draw participants required to allow draw... 


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ITDA App Deepblu

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rechargeThe COSMIQ+ is a refresh of the original COSMIQ Dive-Computer. introducing an advanced bottom timer function for technical divers and a range of great new color options.

Plus special features which include: NO BATTERIES - Rechargeable and Bluetooth active.




With modes for freediving, recreational and technical diving, COSMIQ+ (dive-computer) will appeal to divers of all walks and skill levels. At the push of a button, you can sync with the Deepblu app, allowing you to effortlessly create an interactive dive log and re-experience your dive after surfacing.

  ITDA App. Link to Deepblu Here!


The Cosmiq+ Dive-Computer is really cool...

COSMIQ+ includes three different dive modes: Scuba,
Bottom Timer and Freedive. Plus NITROX! Included.


scuba_modeScuba Mode
Scuba Mode measures and displays all vital dive data and performs decompression calculations for Standard Air and Nitrox dives.


Bottom Timer Mode
Bottom Timer Mode is an advanced gauge that measures current depth, average depth, continuous dive time and stage time. Average depth and stage time can both be reset with the press of a button.



Freedive Mode
Freedive Mode is designed specifically for freediving and includes a built-in surface interval function as well as adjustable alarms for depth and time.  



Nitrox Diving
Nitrox-capable, with the oxygen levels adjustable between 21% and 40%.

Buy on-line for a $50 USD Deduction / ITDA Discount...(May cover your shipping fee!)

Discount ITDA Price ONLY $250 for On-line price from ITDA
Just Choose Your Colour...

Plus Shipping & Taxes+ are Extra at cost. Payment maybe via paypal invoice for your security, just mail for an invoice to be e-mailed to you... All cards accepted!

Added Bonus

If you complete your "ITDA Computer Diver Specialist", certification program with an ITDA Instructor and a COSMIQ+ dive computer.        ITDA will offer you a massive 40% Discount on the training materials if purchsed online and a plastic ID card "Computer Diver Specialist", in addition to the e-card included in your certification at no extra cost.   ITDA App. Link to Deepblu Here!

This offer applies to divers certified by any agency... You do NOT have to be an ITDA Diver...   All you need to do is email us your receipt for your COSMIQ+ Dive Computer with the serial number to obtain your discount! mail:

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ITDA and IHMP, training scuba diving, advanced and technical, training professional divers, from diver to instructor, plus IHMP first-aid and IHMP instructor, plus, our unique divepro opportunity.  Divepro Franchise link