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Africa is set to again, becoming very popular with divers from all over the world and has some of the best diving that is still mostly unspoiled, With South Africa being famous for its great white shark experiences and the coasts of both sides of Africa offering incredible diving warm water opportunities, plus a very low cost of living...  Madagascar and Kenya are very popular destinations with Europeans.

We are working hard looking for training partners to grow business in this region / area, which offers some unique business opportunities with us, as we have very little competition in the region and have been very successful marketing with local partners against the industry USA giant, PADI and many others. As ITDA Offers higher standards and better value for money! Plus now with reduced Renewal Fees and lower cost entry for business partners. This is why ITDA are the no 1. Choice for developing markets...


Africa Business Development south_africa

From 2004 to 2008 we were very strong in Egypt with partners in Sharm, Dahab and across the Sinai / Red Sea region and Sudan.

After 2019 we lost a lot of business in this area as the pandemic and local recession took hold and many centers have since closed... 

We are now looking to regroup and develop new partners in this area / region. And as we now have a travel business in our portfolio we can actually drive business to our partners.

Current training partners in Lebanon and Dubai (UAE)

Views from the Room at Thonga ©Thonga Beach Lodge

Thonga Beach Lodge, situated on South Africa’s Elephant Coast, is a fantastic choice for divers and ocean lovers who may not have the time or budget for a stay in Mozambique. There are ample opportunities for snorkeling, birding, and even nocturnal turtle tracking (November to February) during your stay at Thonga. The SCUBA diving here is world-class, and you’ll likely see shoals of game fish, sharks, and bottlenose dolphins. Link: Thonga Beach Lodge

For a change of scenery, we recommend a morning kayaking excursion on Lake Sibaya, the largest freshwater lake in the world.

Looking to Grow / Develop New Partners in:

Sinai / Red Sea Region / Jordan / Dubai and North / South Africa... All Africa costal areas offering diving...

Currently there are many real opportunities and partners will be appointed by a suitably process, based on experience and business acumen, on a "First Come First Served Process".  Therefore if you have any interest please contact us urgently...

If you would be interested to work with us please email us at:




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ITDA and IHMP, training scuba diving, advanced and technical, training professional divers, from diver to instructor, plus IHMP first-aid and IHMP instructor, plus, our unique divepro opportunity.




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ITDA and IHMP, training scuba diving, advanced and technical, training professional divers, from diver to instructor, plus IHMP first-aid and IHMP instructor, plus, our unique divepro opportunity. 

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