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Not all training agencies are the same!

We offer here a unique insight into the core values of the ITDA Group and our motivation to be the highest standards training agency, based on quality and not quanity, i.e.

We are NOT interested in being the biggest training agency, ONLY the best at what we do...

We are unique in many ways in the Sports diving world as not only do we accept multi-agency instructors and divers but we actively encourage them... ITDA Group International and the International Technical Diving Agency, offer the highest quality, value for money and highest training standards in the Industry...  Please cover this page carefully and if you have any questions email us and we will respond quickly:

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The biggest diver training agency in the world is the American giant "PADI", Professional Association of awardDiving Instructors. They have recently been bought and sold a few times over the past few years and the agency and their professionals are considered as market leaders. 

ITDA Executives; Steve and Georgina with their Award for safety standards.

The Industry Intelligence business "Owler" has up to date info on all training agencies. The links below offer an independant insight into our industry...  See this link:  And to compare ITDA please use these two links... We have two main business sites; the International Technical Diving Agency...ITDA Group International -   and the ITDA 

See our unique charts which offer a graphic vision to compare ITDA with PADI and CMAS by Depth / Course / Pro-fees.

Are there many other agencies?compare_us

YES! There are, many other training agencies around the World, in fact hundreds of them, and new ones coming up all the time but the main players remain.  Anyone looking to learn to dive or divers looking to advance thier certifications or to become professionals, should look at the training agency very carefully and consider all of the options. 

 We at ITDA Group work harder to provide you with the best, safest and most fun training because we understand that YOU have a choice!   And we want YOU to choose us!  ITDA as YOUR First Choice!

NOT all training agencies are the same, there are many differences in standards as applied to training and certification and many differences in training philosophy and delivery. Also we offer high quality materials, with flexible options and lower costs and on-going costs, etc.


Benefits to Students, Divers, Centres / and Training Facilities 

dive-shopDivers and Students looking for an International Certificaion in diving, should carefully look at the instructor and the training facility... And look at the way they present the training to you, you should be happy and comfortable with your decision before paying any money over...  We offer many flexible options for the theory study with; Instructor Led classes, Self-Study, On-line and distance learning...


Ask about the theory, instructor led classes or online options, plus time to complete training, ask also about the number of dives in the course and the process required to be certified... Also cover all costs as some agencies charge extra for many benefits we include...

Look at the safety record and make sure the Instructor has insurance as required and is offering insurance to YOU!  ITDA highly recommends DAN Divers Alert Network (DAN EU, DAN Asia and DAN USA) for Insurance. See 

Dive centres can gain a great deal with our multi-agency programs, as we offer exclusive agreements to limit other ITDA GroupDAN competition but do NOT ask you to be exclusively ITDA... We know and accept that your customers should have a choice, the choice is great for business it stops the big agencies from a monopoly business and price increases etc.  With so much choice for the student diver, having this amazing choice keeps everyone honest!process_chart

The ITDA Difference...

We offer more actual training dives, i.e. Experience and also more dive theory, plus combined programs with materials and certifications as one low cost/price, but at very high quality, saving our students money... ITDA professionals are highly valuable as they can train and certify more diverse programs than other agencies with our Instructor course covering;  Open Water Instructor, IHMP First-Aid Instructor and Entry Level Technical Pro with ITDA Nitrox Instructor all included in one program...  See ITDA ITP-Pro. Link    skills

The ITDA Process is unique as we offer theory in diving physics, physiology, planning, decompression, emergency management and first-aid... Followed by two skills sets, diving, safety and rescue skills, and critical skills (Skills that MUST be trained and practised to our high standards as they could save a life!)

Then we have an assessment and evaluation process for each skill level... When skills and theory are proven to standard and your Instructor is convinced 100% that you will be a competent and safe diver, then they will issue your certification... With our e-certification card issued within 48hrs and ID (Sea Card) Card following in 7-10 days by post or from your instructor.

We also train and certfy sports scuba diving with decompression theory, and incorporate "Rescue Skills" from our Open Water level... membersAt a level with many agencies rescue diver programs... Becuase taking care of yourself and your buddy is important to us...

Every person that is certified ITDA diver or IHMP First-Aid become automatically able to qualify to become ITDA Members, see ITDA Membership here!  Benefits include; Discounts and sales offers on ITDA Branded Products and Clothing...


We aim to produce safer more confident and competent divers through our unique training and certification process including; continual assessment process with evaluations... As from 2019 our professionals may be upgraded to be "Instructor Assessors"... As a workshop. Offered in each ITDA region.

See ITDA Workshops link

See ITDA Crossovers Page link

 ITDA Offer More Choice

Higher Standards; More Theory, More Training, More Experience = Higher Value and at a lower overall cost than others...

Low Cost - Entry Level Training Materials & Certifications (From as little as just $19.99 USD package e-book+e-certification) with low cost options on In-House Certifications Systems / Card Printing under License.

Multi-Agency Acceptance - International Marketing and Web Promotions - Low cost marketing and Branded Goods - We offer the whole industry - Sports - Technical - Medical - Professional - PSD - Occupational - Research. Online Admin Forms and easy Registration of Certifications.

Easy application and fast, low cost processing. - Dedicated support web site and global marketing web portal.

Plus NEW Higher Education in Diving Qualification Programs with a certificate and diploma in diving. - Less Competition as we adopt an Exclusive Market Policy with our training agreements - Low-cost professional annual Fees for Exclusive Training Agreements.  Many partners offer ITDA Specialist certification for at work diving, offer underwater welding / occupational diving courses...  See ITDA Occupational Diving Link

  ITDA and IHMP, training scuba diving, advanced and technical, training professional divers, from diver to instructor, plus IHMP first-aid and IHMP instructor, plus, our unique divepro opportunity.  Please mail us with any questions:

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