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ITDA have a unique approach to diver training, combining the practical skills required and the dive theory for each level of certification. From beginner / Novice to Diving Professionals and beyond. As we link core skills and theory with the actual skills and drills practice required to pass evaluation as a competent and safe diver!  LOW COST TRAINING MATERIALS "Introduction to Scuba".

Now offering from 2021 - Only $15 USD YES $15 USD for e-certifications for our "Experience Scuba Programs" - Get Started (Introduction to Scuba) and Day Courses... So if you are looking for a great first (1st.) diving Experience choose ITDA e-certification and e-card, plus, registration of your experience on our database for Only $15 USD!  Quiz is available here for anyone to take! Link below...

Why choose itda?

juniorSimply because NOT all diver training is the same! Many agencies just certify to minimum standards for safety, our goal is NOT to produce certified divers, but to produce divers who are "Competent, Confident and Comfortable", with the skills at their certification level. 

Not to simply go through the training motions and certify anyway. ITDA Certifications are earned and NOT given for money...    

Take the theory and knowledge test/quiz online Link here FOR just $15 USD!id

YOU Just need to register with us as having completed a program, your instructor can help / direct you...  Register your experience here below, form at bottom of this page... And qualify to receive your PROOF of diving experience, e-certificate, valid for 2 years... To have your experience dive credited towards your "Open Water Scuba Diver". Full International diving certification...  Link here to learn more about our "Open Water Scuba Diver Program"...

To qualify for your e-certification you must complete a minimum of three safety skills (Mask Clearing - Regulator Clearing and Buoyancy Practice, Fin Pivot / Inflating BCD on the Surface)  have read the materials and passed a simple quiz, to demonstrate that you have understood the very basic safety aspects of scuba diving. Preparing you for the next step... Full CERTIFICATION as an Open Water Scuba Diver...

See ITDA Compare Us page!    Pictures here are active links... To our learn to dive and Open Water Diver Pages...   Training materials and certification for this level were $19.99 for the training materials for this program.  Materials are NOW FREE! and the e-certification is just $10... USD. Application form below at bottom of this page! cold-water

Other reasons to choose ITDA over any other agency...

A lot of our satisfied divers choose ITDA for their certifications based on the following points:

1. Quality and Ease of use of our training materials, offering more study options.

2. The ability to combine study options, and work on-line or off-line, with supervision.

3. Fast admin processing with e-certificates and e-card (secure .PDF) within 48hrs.

Let us NOT also forget the fact that ITDA are the best value for money and offer unique opportunities for future development, plus FREE access for 1 year to our membership system.

ITDA are therefore your best choice for training and certification in Diving or First-Aid, as we can offer much more, plus higher standards with International recognition and acceptance from the diving industry.

ITDA are also the only diver training organisation in the World to offer a complete training package for working divers with qualifications in: Occupational Diving and First-Aid and Medical training, for divers at work or who want to dive for work...


ITDA Club System - National and International Certification Programs ITDA Cold-Water Diving - Dry-Suit Diving. Specialist Training in Cold-Water Skills, Dry-Suit and Rescue.

Day Course Programs (For Limited Time Certifications)   

Just simply register here using this link to send us your details or Have your instructor register you...



ITDA Open Water Diver

Courses for Certified Scuba Divers (Any Agency) Advanced Diving "ITDA Course Programs Link"

Apply Here for your physical Photo ID Card for just $25.99 Including postage, or add a wall e-certificate for just $9.99 plus postage at $3.00 USD and also get your upgrade status for ITDA Open Water Course Program... Also see our  FREE LOG BOOK/Link Download here!id

Including a download work-book, On-line Quiz, e-certifications and Registration on the ITDA Membership database for 1 year. Plus, for an option to receive a plastic secure photo ID Cert card for Just $25.99 USD and or a security printed e-certificate from just $9.99 you can print out yourself, or we can post hardcopy of both for just $29.00 USD,  with postage at cost... or we can quote for courier services (UPS, MRW or Other?) 

Just simply register here below, using this form to send us your details or Have your instructor register you...



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ITDA and IHMP, training scuba diving, advanced and technical, training professional divers, from diver to instructor, plus IHMP first-aid and IHMP instructor, plus, our unique divepro opportunity.


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ITDA and IHMP, training scuba diving, advanced and technical, training professional divers, from diver to instructor, plus IHMP first-aid and IHMP instructor, plus, our unique divepro opportunity. 

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