With the whole world now in recovery from the financial turmoil / crisis after 2008. We have decided that there are many things we can do as an International Diver Training and Certification body to help ITDA training facilities and diving instructors to be more effective and most importantly to win more business! And to make a reasonable living training divers.

What is Multiple Agency Training About?diver

The very sad facts at the present time in our industry are these:
People generally, especially tourists have less money in their pockets to spend on diving and recreational sports... So most are looking for a bargain...
  • Our Industry in Sports Diving has been dominated by one major player and this only serves to increase PRICE COMPETITION between training facilities of that agency and reduced choice for the customer. (Note: You cannot make money by giving it away!)
  • When all the dive shops / training facilities in an area are offering the same  courses and products, it stands to reason that most customers will look ONLY to the price! (For a difference!)
You have a great advantage at this time to actually gain more business, simply by offering the customer something different...
ITDA Group Offers higher standards, more training in dive theory including decompression, a unique training philosophy and more training dives and therefore more actual diving experience for the students. And YOU can offer our programs for the same price as most other agency "Open Water Courses" or "Adventure Diver Courses"....  But with the real advantage of not directly competing on products or services with what others are offering.

PLUS+ More course options and NOW OUR FREE Entry Level to Scuba Experience programs, with FREE MATERIALS and FREE e-certification (It COSTS YOU NOTHING to Certify your experience programs. All we need are the students email details and permission to send them information...)

ITDA Group International are actively marketing the concept of Multi-Agency Training and Education. And our unique objectives and benefits include:
  • A Higher Value for Money Perception to your customers. Your Customers get more, more theory, more training, more dives for the same or even a little more than they would spend with other training facilities, PLUS they get something extra: - FREE Membership of ITDA for one year with their certification, with membership benefits.  See ITDA Membership page
  • A Limited Degree of Exclusive Market. i.e. We will NOT actively promote or allow your competitors to work with us... (terms will apply, see our Divepro Page)
  • Higher International Standards - More Training Programs Including Ntech and Advanced Nitrox - Web E-Learning packages with commissions paid to YOU!
  • Lower Administration Overheads and NO Need to carry any materials stock with instant downloads
  • Sports Diving - Technical Diving and Medical Training and Certification Programs all from One source
Take some time and think about the logic involved, we are not as big as some agencies because we do not spend millions of $$$ on marketing but we offer a great deal, value for money and when people are faced with an honest value choice, they will decide that we offer a lot more for the same as they get from many other agencies...
We are sure that you may have lots of questions so please email us at:  -   Web lInk: Compare ITDA as a Training agency here! - Plus ITDA Academy

Confidence in our Services and Products

  We are very pleased to offer you a FREE Sample trial of our training materials and to offer dive professionals a very special deal...  For each training facility or Instructor that signs up with us in June, July or August 2018 we will offer one instructor crossover FREE for one year... Terms will apply.

Reduced Overheads and cost of operations

As we do not ask you to hold stock you will have very low overheads with our training agency.
Plus we can offer you many FREE Point of Sales marketing materials which you may reproduce at your costs... We can also offer branded ITDA products (T-Shirts and Polo's) on a sale or return basis... No Costs Only Profits...

We do not demand that you buy promotional materials or spend a fixed amount with us...


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C/O Atrix Business Services. ITDA Group International Inc. Ltd. 2003, 20/F, Tower 5, China Hong Kong City. 33 Canton Road, TsimShaTsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong (SAR China).

ITDA and IHMP, training scuba diving, advanced and technical, training professional divers, from diver to instructor, plus IHMP first-aid and IHMP instructor, plus, our unique divepro opportunity. 

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