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Asian Business Development

We are working hard looking for training partners to grow business in this region / area, which offers some unique business opportunities with us, as we have very little competition in the region and have been very successful marketing with local partners against the industry USA giant, PADI and many others. As ITDA Offers higher standards and better value for money! Plus now with NO Renewal Fees and lower cost entry for business partners, ITDA are the no 1. Choice for developing markets...

自2008年以来ITDA会集团一直致力于与亚洲合作伙伴共同成长,并制定本地区更安全的潜水活动,提高运动技术潜水标准,并在当地的价格提供本地管理的资源。教官训练和IHMP急救,医疗救护培训,职业病和公共安全培训和专业潜水证书一起。HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR 2021!


cnyAbout ITDA China

我們正在積極尋找本國的培訓合作夥伴,並且願意為我們的合作夥伴提供優質報價進行討論和談判。 請給我們發電子郵件了解更多信

Wǒmen zhèngzài jījí xúnzhǎo běnguó de péixùn hézuò huǒbàn, bìngqiě yuànyì wèi wǒmen de hézuò huǒbàn tígōng yōuzhì bàojià jìnxíng tǎolùn hé tánpàn. Qǐng gěi wǒmen fā diànzǐ yóujiàn liǎojiě gèng duō xìnitda_asia

我们正在积极寻找本国的培训合作伙伴,并且愿意为我们的合作伙伴提供优质报价进行讨论和谈判。 请给我们发电子邮件了解更多信

Since 2008 ITDA Group have been working with Asian partners to grow and to develop this region for safer diving activities, to raise sports and technical diving standards, and to offer locally managed resources at local prices. Instructor Training and IHMP First Aid, Medical and Rescue Training, along with Occupational and Public Safety Training and certifications for professional divers.

We are NOT interested in having our training partners in competition with each other and to achive this, we limit the number of partners in an ITDA Region, Country or Territory to prevent/avoid over saturation of ITDA. Adding value to the ITDA Brand.

亚洲是ITDA会集团国际发展一个独特的机会 - Asia represents a unique opportunity for ITDA Group International Development

  从中国南海的温暖清澈的海水和印尼fantasic跳水,与一些世界上最好的潜水经营的,以台湾和日本用冷水跳水,当然,一切都在之间的挑战....  From the warm clear waters of the South China Sea and the fantasic diving in Indonesia, with some of the worlds best dive operators, to Taiwan and Japan with the challenges of Cold Water Diving and of course everything in between....

  中国真的有这一切当然加热带岛屿的1000年...   Asia really has it all plus Of course the 1000's of Tropical Islands...


 We are looking for serious business partners in the China and Asia South East and Pacific regions and territories to work with us to build up ITDA Group International Business in this very important region....

 根据我们的独特的新特许经营许可协议,你可以成为有机会帮助从地上爬起来重建潜水行业....您的国家或地区的亚洲区域主分销商/合作伙伴。   Under our unique New Franchise license agreement you could become an Asian Regional Master Distributor/Partner with the opportunity to help rebuild the dive industry from the ground up.... In your Country or territory.

我们提供的一切:运动潜水 - 俱乐部系统 - 高级跳水 - 跳水技术 - 研究和科学跳水 - 急救和医疗培训/高压培训 - 专业(教师培训)和职业 - 公共安全潜水....高等教育与证书和文凭课程...随着潜水的ICOD国际学院的合作伙伴关系(UK)

We offer everything:  Sports Diving - Club Systems - Advanced Diving - Technical Diving - Research & Scientific Diving - First Aid and Medical Training / Hyperbaric Training - Professional (Instructor Training) and Occupational - Public Safety Diving.... Higher Education with Certificate and Diploma Programs... partnership with  ICoD International College of Diving  (International...)


Plus support services: Web Hosting and e-marketing, online sales with commissions paid to instructors and training facilities...  Online Admin, Instant download training materials, and minimum Instructor paperwork (Because filling out forms is NOT training divers...)

china Multiple Revenue / Income Streams - 多收入/收入流

培训材料的销售(体育 - 技术 - 第一Aid-专业)认证发行(体育 - 技术 - 第一Aid-专业)报名及专业人员的更新和 Crossovers, Instructor Training Online/网络Sales Branded产品与Goods Registration和训练设施/子Distributor Sales的更新和营销服务/网络营销

  • Sales of Training Materials (Sports - Technical - First Aid- Professional)
  • Certifications Issued (Sports - Technical - First Aid- Professional)
  • Registration and Renewals of Professionals and Crossovers
  • Instructor Training
  • Online / Web Sales
  • Branded Products & Goods
  • Registration and Renewals of Training Facilities / Sub-Distributors
  • Sales and Marketing Services / emarketing

 还有什么地方可以找到今天这样的大好机会?   Where else could you find such a great opportunity today?

我们可以提供从扩展到世界各地60个国家的超过15年的经验,全力支持和帮助...... We can offer full support and assistance from over 15 years experience of expanding into  60 Countries around the world...

 我们也期待在潜水旅游和设备供应商的合作伙伴...... We are also looking for partners in Dive Travel and Equipment suppliers...

机会是非常有限的,因为我们只提供排他性协议....  Opportunities are very limited as we only offer exclusive agreements....


Learn More: 了解更多: see Opportunities page

china ITDA has a strong presence in Asia and currently offers training and certification with training partners in the following Countries:  China - Japan - South Korea - Singapore - Philippines - Malayasia - Thailand - Borneo - Indonesia - Vietnam - Taiwan




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IITDA and IHMP, training scuba diving, advanced and technical, training professional divers, from diver to instructor, plus IHMP first-aid and IHMP instructor, plus, our unique divepro opportunity.



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ITDA and IHMP, training scuba diving, advanced and technical, training professional divers, from diver to instructor, plus IHMP first-aid and IHMP instructor, plus, our unique divepro opportunity. 

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