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Our objective is to make our administration process as fast and as simple as possible... And in the best interests of clarity and easier admin. We have below combined three forms into one page form. 
Below please find a list of our unique registration forms. Please report any problems with forms or questions to:


 ITDA Diving Form Application/Registration for Certificationdiver

 ITDA Renewals page Link - Leadership - Instructors - Trainers - Assessors 


Registration of training facility / Partner business

Currently being rewritten / Under Construction

  • Link here to our IHMP First Aid and Medical Training Facility or IHMP Instructor Form

  • Link here to our Training Facility and Training Partners for Scuba, Technical, First aid and Professional Form


Professional Applications - Renewal Form, Crossovers, Upgrades and Pro Agreement (All in one form)







ITDA Academy Online Training Forms admin - Registration for Certificate...


International Forms / Applications NOT in English

Please email us at: for forms in these languages... From our Local and Regional Partners

  • Polskie / Polish
  • Espanol / Spanish
    Nederlands / Dutch
  • Taiwanese / Mandarin / Chinese
  • Norsk / Norge / Norwegian
  • Slovensky / Slovakian
In development: Nippon / Japanese - Russian - Portuguese - French - German - Italian and Dansk / Danish - Bahasa Malay

Please email us if you need a form developed in your local language and we can try to make it happen if possible...



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