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Safer Dive Theory

Safer Diving Theory is a natural and logical extension of the theory as taught and included in most training agencies open water diver courses but in much more details and covering: Decompression Theory, Physics and Physiology... Available as a certification or knowledge only program.

What is Safer Diving?deco_stop

The ITDA Safer Diving Program is unique in the dive industry as we are the ONLY training and certification agency to offer this FREE Program to our divers before or directly after ITDA Certification.

 It is based on our Safer Diving Theory Presentations and includes a basic understanding of decompression theory with two general presentations: Diving Physics (Decompression Theory) and Diving Physiology, valued at over $49.99 USD each... Over $99 USD together for FREE... YES FREE!

About the ITDA Safer Diving Program

The simple truth is, that with the majority of training agency diver certification programs, including ITDA, there is ONLY a limited amount of time available, during the course and not all safety information that should be included is possibly included.

Therefore we have added an additional theory level as both a FREE Information package and also available as a selective certification from ITDA Professionals, dive leaders and Instructors at all levels may give these presentations and also as an on-line certification as this material is theory only.dive_tables_rdp

What is included in the Safer Diving Program?

Diving Physics will cover the same theory as in our Open Water Diver Program but in much more detail including: Heat and Light, Colour Changes, Pressure and Gas Laws, Effects of Pressure (Decompression theory) and an overview of the physical world relating to diving. Ascent rates and RDP and RGBM Tables.

Diving Physiology will cover: How our bodies are affected by pressure, physiological problems associated with diving, Decompression Sickness and Decompression Illness, Dealing with the risks and diving accidents.

ITDA Objectives in offering our "Safer Diver Program".gas_volumes

To produce certified divers with a greater than average knowledge of diving theory, making them safer and more aware of the risks

To offer higher levels of Education to extend the knowledge learned in training courses due to time constraints

To ensure that ITDA Divers and those with this knowledge have reduced to zero accident rates

To meet the primary training and certification objective of ITDA to produce safer competent divers with less risk of having a diving accident with higher standards of theory knowledge and diving skills.

We also only issue certifications based on actual ability level, sometimes this means requiring more experience before full certifications are awarded.  98% of our programs are pass first time...