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Military and Commercial Divers

We are unique in many ways in the Sports diving world as not only do we accept multi-agency instructors and divers. We also offer both Military and Commercial Divers, certifications in First-Aid, Sports Scuba and Technical diving...

ITDA Crossovers for Military or Ex-Military Diverscrossover

ITDA Understands that Military Divers and Commercial Divers have very different needs, and most often they may not have sports scuba or technical diving certifications from the mainstream agencies. We also recognise the value of higher levels of both training and theory knowledge required for "Professional Diving".

Plus of course the need for safety and not identifying yourself as a military diver.  Commercial divers may have different motives but would like to have a Sports or Technical diving certification for recreational purposes.

Options Available

We offer simply two (2) options for both Military and Commercial Divers: 1. Non-Teaching Status with no annual fees and free membership for life with ITDA basic membership package. And 2. Professional status as an ITDA Dive Leader or Instructor.

What to do?

All you need to do is to contact ITDA HQ at: admin@diveitda,com and ask about our unique crossover programs for Military or Commercial Divers and we will respond with the best options to meet your needs... ITDA HQ deals with many such applications and nothing is on record at HQ that would identify you as a military diver.  We may require a simple skills assessment based on information provided.

If you are approaching an ITDA Instructor or Trainer directly for advice, they may simply offer you a trial dive to assess and evaluate your basic skills and decide with you on the best level of certification that would suit you.

Professional Path

We want our instructors to train their students with the best programs and materials available... And because sometimes you need to offer a choice based on what training and certification your customers want and not just what you have available...

For this reason Sports and Technical divers want to simply have a choice based on what they want rather than what is available to them... So ITDA Group offers more....

Even more importantly for diving professionals, we want you to be able to provide the best needs and requirements for your students (i.e. Your Customers) and often this may require working with more than one agency as not all agencies offer a complete package to meet market needs like ITDA can...

An Exclusive Organisationfirst-aid

Unlike other agencies and training bodies we are not concerned about being the largest training organisation in the world, having every dive centre and instructor competing with each other for the same business.  (Benefits below for: Training Facilities,Divers & Professionals)

Upgrade Programs

We offer a unique Upgrade Program from various sports diving levels based on experience...

Ways for Industry Professionals (Commercial Divers) to Crossover

Administrative Crossover

This is whereby you may teach any or all ITDA Group Training Programs (Technical, Sports & Medical) to the level at which you are currently certified, with your *current agency. Providing you are in current status and in *good standing...   A Standards Update (See Standards page) with an ITDA Group Trainer and interview / Diving Skills and knowledge assessment may also be required...

Crossover and Upgrade

You may crossover at your current level and or upgrade to a higher level.

Course programs are with an ITDA Group Trainer/Course Director or HQ Staff from 3 days to 10

Crossover and Become an ITDA Club Instructor

Club Owner from Dive Master levels or above. 1 Week (7 day Program is required), or attend an ITP and then an ITDA Club Instructor 3 Day workshop.  (This will greatly depend on your previsous training, certifications and experience, as we offer credits for prior learning and working experience)


Benefits to Diving Professionals 

More diving professionals are crossing over every day to us for our unique benefits...

    • We are an International family of diving Professionals - showWe care & Listen to YOU!
    • Your views and opinions are important to us, as we work together to make our industry better
    • Good Commissions Paid on our On-line Programs (from 15% to 35%) and NO Training materials stock required
    • ematerials for training as instant downloads, or licensed flashdrive, you have masters under a license agreement
    • Higher Training Standards, More Theory, Skills Develoment and More Actual Diving Experience
    • Less Competition as we adopt an Exclusive Market Policy with our training agreements
    • Higher Level Instructor Qualifications, Specialist and Academic
    • Unique Upgrade Paths, Rewards and Step Experience Programs
    • More Specialist Training Choices and Crossover Options
    • Multi-Agency is actively encourged
    • Sports - Technical - Medical - PSD and Occupational Diver Programs
    • Dedicated Admin Support Web site
    • Global Web Portal for attracting business
    • Marketing and Training Support
  • Easy application and low cost crossover and upgrade process: mail us here for details